GDISC: Gene-Drug Interactions for Survival in Cancer

GDISC presents Gene-Drug Interactions for Survival in Cancer identified from integrative omic and survival analysis of TCGA data. Survival analysis has been applied to TCGA data to find genomic features that are predictive of patient survival. Typically drug exposure data is not considered due to its naming conventions. However, this represents a missed opportunity. We have standardized the drug names in TCGA\'s drug exposure data, and performed survival analysis on drug-stratified subpopulations. By integrating of gene copy number, drug exposure and patient survival data, we inferred gene-drug interactions that impact survival. The collection of all analyzed gene-drug interactions in 32 cancer types are organized and presented here. GDISC allows biologists and clinicians to interactively explore the gene-drug interactions identified in TCGA, and discover interactions associated to their favorite cancer, drug and/or gene. GDISC and the accompanying standardized drug data will be updated with new TCGA releases (last updated 10/06/2016).

If you are interested in the details of the analysis, or citing this work, please see the following references:
  • Spainhour, J.C. and Qiu, P. (2016) Identification of gene-drug interactions that impact patient survival in TCGA. BMC Bioinfo. Accepted for publication. doi: 10.1186/s12859-016-1255-7
  • Spainhour, J.C.,Lim, J., and Qiu, P. GDISC: Gene-Drug Interaction for Survival in Cancer: web portal for integrative survival analysis of TCGA data. Submitted


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